About Us

BM JOBS is a complete HR Solution provider rendering its services to the nation since 2003. It is the first online data bank for a skilled manpower in Nepal. The organisation has been conceptualized and steered by Mr. K.N. Modi, FCA, a leading management and placement consultant and trainer. Presently, it has more than 20000 skilled human resources in its data bank. The in-depth knowledge and information of the Nepalese industry is the core advantage of BM JOBS, which helps it to assimilate the requirement and identify the right skill.

BM JOBS conducts various skill development training's at its well design and spacious facility. The training are mainly conducted as workshops rather than mere theory lectures. Corporate training's are bespoke programs designed to solve on the job hurdles of participants are shaped into skills, matrices are developed to measure knowledge and skill before and after the deliveries.

Head Hunting, training, skill development & delivery, performance assessment matrix and job placement are the core activities at BM JOBS.