Asst. Procurement Manager

  • Category: Procurement
  • Salary: NRs 35000 to 45000 per Month
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • City: New Baneshwar
  • Posted On: 2018-03-10
  • Apply Before: 2018-04-18


A. Responsible for the local Purchase of Multi and Bajra. Collect Purchase order from sales, make sure of available stock in warehouse, deal with the suppliers, negotiate rate and arrange for their timely payment.

  1. Need to collect order from store with stock availability. Verify with sales team as well.
  2. Verification & Calculation of loading details (weight/ CBM) for full truck load before order place.
  3. Plan for consolidating orders to save freight cost. Especially for KAPL plants shipments
  4. Need to check schemes or discount and place order to supplier for PI
  5. Verify PI qty as per order & price & amend PI as required

B. Should work out and need to split each and every part for the custom purpose.

  1. a. Need to follow suppliers for dispatch details & date
  2. b .Need to follow supplier for copy doc(i.e. invoice, packing list, GRN) after goods dispatch
  3. c .Calculate approx custom duty after receipt of invoice & send to custom clearing agent for verification.
  4. d. Need to check duty % whether duty can be minimize.

C. All jobs related to procurement of nations and internationals materials.

D. Price negotiation to be done with parties

E. Total procurement billing has to be checked once the goods have been received with damage and shortage, manufacturing defect has to be defect has to be deducted before processing for final entry.

F. Should work on CBM weight equivalent to prices for project pricing & supply.

  1. a. Approx. calculation of CBM weight & source plant detail. Project price to be calculated based on loading details
  2. b. After preparation of landing cost need to take approval from MD & quote price to project team.
  3. c. Similarly Calculation of project price of dealers & follow up.

G. Provide project price to project team to prepare quotation and final and approval on it.

H. Prepare costing and MRP.

I. Should check purchase price and cash discount.

J. Should plan for festive offer and other schemes as well.

K. Stock valuation work.

L. Commission Check.

M. Other miscellaneous job as assigned

Specific Attributes


3+ years


Graduate in Management (prefferred)

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