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Are you the Right person?

Are you the right person for the job you are planning to apply or has applied?

If you know the answer of this question, half of your work problem is solved. Unfortunately most of us are not sure of the kind of job that suit us most. It creates work stress and has demoralising affect. One tends to think that he/she is rejected every time in the interview just because of nepotism. That is not always true.

Fortunately if someone gets the job, it is not long lasting. Employees blame environment and employer blames efficiency. Most persons are not consistent with the nature of job they are in. Commerce graduate is applying for marketing, marketing graduate wants a desk job, engineer applies for HR post and so on. If nothing is found, teacher is the best choice. The dilemma of choosing the right job hovers high.

For stability and stress free working, it is very important to answer this vital question "ARE YOU THE RIGHT PERSON?".

The first step is to list down the following personal facts: Academic qualification; Professional qualification; Work profile that fascinates you Your strength and weaknesses.

Now lists down the job requirement of the post that you have applied or planning to do so and match it with your personal profile to ascertain the degree it matches with. Decision to go for the job or not can be based on the outcome on the following guideline: Below 50% match - Forget it. Upto 70% match - Can be considered if you don't have other option. Upto 80% match - Should go for it. Upto 90% matches - Jump into it. 100% match - A wild dream rare to materialise.

Once you have decided to go for a particular job, tactics to achieve that needs to be formulated. This includes proper presentation of your CV and facing the interview with high degree of confidence. One should be able to convince the prospective employer that his search ends with him. This can be done only when you can explain him the job requirements and your strengths to cope up with it. Make sure that you go only for the job where your strength is. Don't be panic if you have to wait little for the right job. Take help of the placement agencies to speed up the process. Don't forget 'you need right job and employer need right candidate'.